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Young people fear for futures in Brexit Britain, says study

By Judith BurnsEducation reporter – Full article here –

Extracts below:

The report also found many (young people) were frustrated with an education system they saw as overly focused on grades rather than life skills like money management, healthy eating, mental health and relationships.

About half felt their education had failed to properly prepare them for the world of work or for adulthood generally.

Many felt constrained by a lack of affordable housing, limited career opportunities and poor pay and conditions.

Recommendations based on the findings by a UK-wide panel of young people brought together for the report, include:

  • better international work and study opportunities for a wider range of young people
  • better politics and citizenship education
  • more focus on young people by local politicians
  • fairer workplace treatment for all young people
  • a greater focus by educators on building pupils’ resilience to the demands of modern life and work.

Lead author Ian Wybron said: “Our research confirms that many young adults feel frustrated with an education system and labour market that doesn’t work for them – and the young advisers behind this project urge the government to take steps to redress inequality of opportunity.

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