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Online Learning

Qualifi Learning Solutions (QLS)

Learning without Limits

For all our qualifications, Qualifi will be launching online support and resources for centres and registered learners. It supports personal learning while providing a powerful set of tools that can be used to improve individual and group learning.

Modern learning requires the versatility to support learners anywhere and on any device, offering limitless possibilities to develop individuals to be better equipped for their careers.

Recording evidence of learning is one thing; being able to bring it together in a structured and understandable format is another. Qualifi learning not only makes it easier but also keeps a record of academic activities.

Your data is always private but you can choose to publish or share individual items or whole collections of evidence with others. The information is structured so that you can complete an application form, prepare for an appraisal at work or university, or when you need to have your skills and knowledge validated.

Blended Learning

Qualifi supports and promotes ‘blended learning’.  This means we encourage  the use of a range of delivery, learning and assessment approaches to help you, the learner, achieve your accreditation; approaches that include face-to-face tutorials (group and/or individual), e-enabled access to learning content and communication via for example our learning platform and social media hubs.

The Qualifi approach includes directed learning which encourages your use of on-line research and resources; enabling learning 24/7/365. Assessment both formative and summative includes our use of e-tools to set, manage and assess assignments and tasks and to provide developmental feedback. Face-to-face tutorials are class based and synchronous i.e. real time digitally supported dialogue with your tutor.

These approaches and use of accessible technologies provide you with flexibilities that allow you a degree of autonomy in regard to how and when you learn.

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Help and Support

Qualifi centres are always on hand  to offer comprehensive help that allows you to decide on your preferred learning method.section which you should use in the first instance. 

Alternatively, you can contact Qualifi learning support using the contact us form.


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