An Ofqual Recognised Awarding Organisation


For Centres Outside the UK

UK education and training standards are among the most rigorous in the world. That is why they are recognised worldwide.

Qualifi welcomes global applications from centres, employers and learners. We have gained credit recognition for our qualifications in the USA through recognised evaluators and accreditors and have the support of the British Council and BIS in developing worldwide links. For more information please contact us.

British Council

The British Council provide a number of services, including education, to promote knowledge and understanding between the UK and other countries. For more information click here.

Qualifi chooses to partner with the British Council in many countries to promote the quality of our qualifications and to authenticate a student’s success. Qualifi has the support of the British Council in supporting the development of a new International programmes aimed at developing learners ready for higher levels of education and entry into Qualifi’s Level 4 qualifications.

Business Innovation and Skills

Qualifi has signed the commitment to support The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS), part of the UK government. BIS has issued an expression of support to provide an explanation on the vocational qualifications system in England, including the quality assurance mechanisms which underpin the delivery of qualifications outside the United Kingdom (UK) by awarding organisations recognised by Ofqual in relation to other qualifications. For more information click here.

Qualifi Quality Standards

At the heart of Qualifi’s commitment to the creation and awarding of respected qualifications is a rigorous focus on high standards and consistency, beginning with recognition as an Awarding Organisation (AO) by the qualification regulators for England (Ofqual), and as signatory to BIS international commitments of quality.