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Qualifi Cyber Security Management and Identification and Mitigation of the Effects of Terrorism Qualifications Now Available

In increasingly turbulent times individuals, organisations, employers and communities are concerned about what they can do as individuals and as a group, to improve security for themselves and their assets. Qualifi, in response to an ever growing demand by employers and Government, has recently developed the following qualifications:

The qualifications were developed in response to a demand by senior representatives in the sector and the UK Government document ‘Cyber Security Skills Business perspectives and Government’s next steps’. The conclusion in the document provides a compelling case for more people to be educated and trained to address the issues:

“It is important not to underestimate the scale of the challenge that faces the UK in securing the skills required to meet increasing demand. Working in partnership across Government, business and the education and skills sectors we have already made significant progress. Strong business leadership is becoming increasingly important as we seek to embed cyber security skills more deeply in the fabric of organisations, and strengthen the pipeline of future talent. Many businesses are already showing this leadership, and others are keen to do so, recognising the benefits this offers to their organisation. Our new Cyber Security Skills: A guide for business will help them to identify excellent practical opportunities to support the development of cyber security skills”.

Richard Bingley, Executive Director of UK Security Partners Ltd said:

“Expanding from the annual company and personal losses of around £10bn to more than £100bn (2016), and rising, cyber attacks and vulnerabilities are now defined by the World Economic Forum as a major ‘global risk’. Our Diploma course content was designed by the course writers who have first-hand practical experience working in cyber and information security environments. As such, the structure and assessments were provided to several security companies and forums prior to accreditation by Qualifi. Qualifi sets a high standard for student experience and future course relevancy, which is why we are delighted to work with their team. The content has been very successfully piloted with more than one thousand school pupils in Asia and almost one hundred employers.”

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