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PAM Education lead the journey to embody UK involvement in China’s One Belt One Road initiative

As the UK announces a 750m collaboration agreement to support China’s One Belt One Road initiative – Coventry based PAM Education continue on this journey that began in 2016. In that 12 month period, the company has signed agreements to support UK organisations in the fields of Training, Culinary Arts, Football, High-Speed Rail, and Digital Engineering.

Company Founder Russell Grocott is delighted with the progress made over the past year and clarified the role that the PAM team play in establishing agreements that have benefits for the UK and Chinese partners:

“The strategic vision of the Chinese government requires interpretation both within China and Europe. At PAM we have been able to support our Chinese and UK partners to create working partnerships that provide real commercial opportunities for all the partners in the collaboration” Our Embodied Learning methodology that is incorporated into training programmes associated with the initiatives are both ground-breaking and bring significant financial benefits for the organisations involved.”

In November PAM were co-organisers of The Tianjin Education Sino-English Summit and as a result, the Tianjin Education Commission through the Lu Ban project is seeking to support Chinese VET providers to work with international colleges to identify areas where the skills and knowledge of Chinese Vocational Education providers can be exported into the UK

The Tianjin 2nd School of Commerce (TSC) has established a range of processes working alongside Chichester College UK in a Lu Ban project designed to develop skills and knowledge associated with Chinese Culinary Arts.

As a consequence, TSC has also been recognised as the official UK approved and regulated Qualifi delivery centre. This enables them to provide quality assurance checks and guidance for other Vocational Colleges in China that may seek to develop partnerships supported by the Lu ban framework.

TSC is also in a position to match UK colleges and training organisations looking to collaborate with Vocational Colleges in Tianjin.

The collaborative partnerships can incorporate a wide range of activities including:

  • Staff Training Exchange programmes.
  • The development of UK Regulated/Endorsed learning programmes approved by Qualifi
  • Sharing good practices and integration of cutting-edge technologies
  • Student Exchange programmes.
  • Joint Research projects

PAM founder Ray Brogden further added, “Given the wide scope and potential of the initiative the services of the Tianjin 2nd School of Commerce are the start point from which a clear strategic plan can be implemented with our UK partners PAM Education and Qualifi to ensure that Vocational Colleges and training organisations globally have the necessary guidance to maximise the benefits that the Lu Ban and One Belt One Road programme offers”

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