An Ofqual Recognised Awarding Organisation


QUALIFI Endorsed Awards for Hospitality, Catering & Care Sectors

Qualifi is an OFQUAL regulated Awarding Organisation.

Qualifi recognises the need for quality accredited industry award programmes; training and award certifications that demonstrate attainment, skills, knowledge or understanding.

Since 2011, Qualifi has partnered with The Safer Food Group (East GB Ltd), now one of the UK’s leading online training providers for the catering, hospitality & care sectors. Together Safer Food Group and Qualifi now deliver in excess of 60,000 QUALIFI endorsed awards per year to UK and international major employers.

The Safer Food Group operates as QUALIFI approved centre offering online assessments with permanent study and achievement records (EGB03032011). This is a great example of how Qualifi are able to work in partnership with employers and training organisations to deliver low-cost highly effective training and accreditation.

For more info contact The Safer Food Group on 0800 612 6784

Endorsed Award Components

Endorsed Award Programmes contain four main components:

  1. A qualification specification which includes approved syllabus and learning outcomes.
  2. Quality learning materials and expert tutor support.
  3. Online examined formative and summative assessments relating to the learning outcomes.
  4. A rigorous QA process including assessor, internal moderation, and study/achievement data record.

Endorsed Award Programmes feature the following:

  • All programmes are accredited by QUALIFI, a UK Awarding Organisation regulated by Ofqual.
  • All programmes lead to Endorsed Awards.
  • All programmes follow recognised syllabus approved by EHOs, HSE and professional standards.
  • All programmes include permanent verifiable learner study and achievement record.


Qualifi Endorsed Awards

Qualifi offers the rigour and quality assurance to organisations and training providers to accredit bespoke programmes or Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses.

Qualifi has the flexibility and expertise to customise learning programmes to help promote life-long learning and standardise knowledge, understanding and competence. Under this accreditation, the programmes are still monitored by the UK Regulators, Ofqual, but not listed on the Regulated Qualifications Register.

On successful completion of this type of Qualifi programme or CPD course, a certificate is awarded for the specific subject being studied; with the assurance that the programme/course has been accredited by a nationally recognised awarding organisation and meets all the required quality assurance criteria. For more information please contact us.

Qualifi Quality Standards

At the heart of Qualifi’s commitment to the creation and awarding of respected qualifications is a rigorous focus on high standards and consistency, beginning with recognition as an Awarding Organisation (AO) by the qualification regulators for England (Ofqual), and as signatory to BIS international commitments of quality.

Your pathway to a graduate degree

Our university progression agreements mean you can apply Qualifi Level 4 and upwards diploma, towards a graduate or post graduate degree from the UK.