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Replace & Amend Certificates

Replacement Certificates

Qualifi will only replace a certificate under the following circumstances:

  • The learner or centre fails to receive the original certificate;
  • The learner receives an original certificate that has been damaged in transit from Qualifi to the learner or centre;
  • The learner or centre loses their original certificate. A certificate is defined as lost if it is issued by Qualifi and received by the learner or centre, but subsequently lost;
  • If the original certificate is subsequently found, the learner or centre must return the replacement certificate to Qualifi;
  • The learner or centre receives a certificate containing a Qualifi production error, for example, if the name of the qualification is incorrect;
  • The learner changes their name after the original certificate is issued. A learner wishing to receive a replacement record of achievement or certificate in their new name must:
    • indicate clearly on the application form their new name; and
    • include written independent evidence of their new name. Any documents provided in support of a name change must be the original or certified copy.

The issuing of replacement certificates for the circumstances defined in the first two points defined above is only applicable if the learner or centre contacts Qualifi within 60 working days of the relevant certificate issue date. Qualifi reserves the right not to replace original certificates once this time period has elapsed or for reasons specified below.

Replacement certificates will be issued by Qualifi at the earliest opportunity, and upon receipt of the original certificate, if the original certificate is still available.

A learner or centre requesting a replacement of an original certificate will be required to complete a Request for Replacement Certificate form. The form must include a statement confirming the status of the original certificate, ie lost, damaged, etc describing in as much detail as possible the circumstances of their need for a replacement certificate. Qualifi will not accept verbal requests for replacement certificates. The request for a replacement certificate must be accompanied by a fee, where appropriate.

Provided that the appropriate conditions for the replacement of a certificate have been met, a replacement certificate will be issued by Qualifi within 30 working days of receipt of the request for a replacement.

A replacement certificate issued by Qualifi is labelled with its own unique identifier code and unique serial number, which is different from the original certificate number. Each replacement certificate is marked ‘Replacement’ at within the body of the certificate.

Under normal circumstances, a replacement certificate will be issued when all conditions have been met for its replacement. However, if Qualifi considers the request to be unreasonable, fraudulent or potentially damaging to the reputation or security of Qualifi, the request may be declined. In such an eventuality, Qualifi will write to the learner giving them grounds for declining the request.

Please email to request the certificate replacement form.