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UniHaven Accredited by QUALIFI

Qualifi has independently assessed and internationally accredited UniHaven and their Level 3 Diploma in Inclusive Sport, Coaching and Leisure Management and their Level 3 Diploma in Business, Management and Study Skills.  As a UK awarding organisation regulated by the government body Ofqual, QUALIFI can accredit quality institutions, programmes and award certifications that demonstrate attainment, skills, knowledge and understanding.

Through QUALIFI’s accreditation, graduates of UniHaven will earn Level 3 Diploma in Diploma in Inclusive Sport, Coaching and Leisure Management or Level 3 Diploma in Business, Management and Study Skills certification that will open pathways to employment and entry to an undergraduate degree year one for relevant qualifying degree programmes.

The Diploma is registered on the Regulated Qualification Framework (RQF) and is recognised across the European Qualification Framework demonstrating a genuine qualification that is both transferable and credible.


About UniHaven

UniHaven is a higher education institution committed to bringing education and knowledge to the world by allowing students the opportunity to get into prestigious universities around the world. Through our pathway programmes, we empower students with the ability to learn what they need, when they need it, wherever they are. And to go even further by giving them the qualifications that will not only get them university admission but also the ability to live and learn in another country. Through our accredited programmes, and with our highly qualified educators and administrators, we are bringing innovation, technology, leadership and knowledge to more students in more countries around the world so that the next generation can build a brighter and more sustainable future for all of us. Knowledge is power and access to knowledge is our mission. With select partnerships across Ireland, UK, Europe, the USA and more, we truly bring global opportunities to a new generation of global citizens. We guide and nurture students with care. We offer quality, accredited education. We lead with integrity. And we do all with a sense of utmost professionalism.

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Qualifi Quality Standards

At the heart of Qualifi’s commitment to the creation and awarding of respected qualifications is a rigorous focus on high standards and consistency, beginning with recognition as an Awarding Organisation (AO) by the qualification regulators for England (Ofqual), and as signatory to BIS international commitments of quality.

Your pathway to a graduate degree

Our university progression agreements mean you can apply Qualifi Level 4 and upwards diploma, towards a graduate or post graduate degree from the UK.