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Engage and Grow Recognised by QUALIFI

QUALIFI has accredited Engage and Grow as a centre for delivery and endorsed their innovative training programme.

Engage and Grow have a new approach to learning referred to as their  ‘Group Activation System’ – a 12-week, 12-step programme that will improve employee engagement, performance, leadership and culture within an organisation.

Their 12-step signature Red Belt Programme is delivered over 12 weeks and builds high levels of trust within the organisation and re-energises employees providing outstanding results every time, as evidenced by their employee engagement surveys

Topics include:

-Collective buy-in & accountability                               -Collective behavioural benchmark

-Peer Reward and recognition (daily/weekly)            -Presenting Best Practice

-Shared stories to ensure Human Understanding     -Growth of Individual Behaviours

-Individual Personalised Goal Setting                          -An Emerging Leaders Pipeline

-Share the Chairperson                                                    -Staff and Client Engagement Strategy

-Brand Awareness and Social Responsibility              -Unearth Creative thinking and Innovation


Founded in 2012 by entrepreneur and engagement expert, Richard Maloney, Engage & Grow has the vision to create a globally engaged workforce, one employee at a time.

Engage & Grow was born out of a passion for helping people thrive and we exist to reconnect employees. We are passionate about this because no matter what industry you are in, people are the most important asset to any organisation.

Engage & Grow was also founded on challenging the norm. We believe companies and leaders need to go beyond traditional training methods to truly engage with their employees.

With the unique ‘Group Activation System’, Richard Maloney helped 40 sporting teams to grand finals and 32 going onto win premierships. Richard studied the motivations of the brain, and through trial and error over the course of 9 years, he blended the development systems he had implemented in sport to business. From here Engage & Grow was born.

Benefits of Endorsement

  • Accredited courses have been independently assessed to ensure a consistent and high quality
  • Accreditation provides proof that we comply with industry best practices.
  • Accreditation demonstrates that our presenters have vast technical knowledge and experience.
  • Studies have shown that individuals that attain international accreditation/certification are more likely to achieve higher salaries and be promoted over those individuals that are not.


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