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Qualification title:

Qualifi Level 5 Extended Diploma in Cyber Security

Qualification type:

Vocational Related Qualification (Higher Education)



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Credit Equivalency:


Qualification number (RQF):


Progression routes:

• (Pending a successful application to our Partner institution) a Level 6 University Degree (Top- Up) course
• Directly into employment in an associated profession.


UK and international

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Course Overview

The rationale of the Diploma is to provide a career path for learners who wish to develop their core capabilities within the cyber security and risk management sector. The outcome of the Diploma, which is a recognised UK Qualification, is for learners to develop the cyber security skills required by organisations globally. It is also to provide a pathway via learner credits and potential direct entry into related Level 6 Cyber Security and/or Risk Management Degree programmes.

This Level 5 qualification is potentially unique because it is about ‘cyber security’ as a workplace management discipline. It is therefore a semi-technical qualification that examines technical cyber security measures as well as the management, project management and leadership skills required to organise internal and external business responses to major incidents (or the threat of such).

Due to the huge economic risks to businesses, sectors, as well as global regions, from specific and dynamic forms of threat vectors, this course programme will provide solid business management and leadership education (including disaster management, project management and business continuity management) within the context of the digital tech and cyber security threat environment. The course programme is designed and delivered by a mix of academics from Business Schools and Security Management teaching roles.

This Level 5 course is especially designed for existing or aspiring organisational executives and leaders who are tasked with responsibility for business resilience, information security, safe technological innovation, safe and secure change management, HR planning and physical risk management, professionals.

The course is flexible and online. It is easily able to be blended. The programme utilises many case studies from business and public-sector organisations and embeds isomorphic learning into its technical and management education. The programme is particularly suited for those who are already in work. Or those who are seeking to develop a structured management competency in information security, risk management and organizational resilience.



  • Cyber Security Threat and Risk
  • Network Security and Data Communications
  • Database Security and Computer Programming
  • Incident Response, Investigations and Forensics
  • Security Strategy: Laws, Policies and Implementation
  • Cyber Security Threats and Risk: Banking and Finance
  • Cyber Wars
  • Cryptography
  • Digital Investigations and Forensics
  • Communications and Incident Management
  • Strategic Leadership

Learning Outcomes

  1. Develop the knowledge, understanding, and skills required for success in cyber-security-related employment.
  2. Progress into Level 5 learning within Cyber Security domains.
  3. Carry out specialist study relevant to individual vocations and environments in which learners are currently working, or to which learners are aiming to work within business and public service sectors.
  4. Develop their ability to contribute positively to good practice in business technology and risk management environments through effective use and combination of the knowledge and skills gained in the qualification.
  5. Develop skills and techniques, personal qualities, and attributes essential for successful performance in working life and thereby enabling learners to make an immediate and positive contribution to their employment.
  6. To equip individuals with the knowledge, understanding, and skills required for success in information-security-related employment.
  7. To enable progression into a university-approved Level 6 Degree award.
  8. To provide specialist study relevant to individual vocations and environments in which learners are currently working, or to which learners are aiming to work within business and public service sectors.
  9. To develop learners’ ability to contribute positively to good and ethical practice in technology and risk management environments, through effectively utilizing the practical and theoretical knowledge and skills gained.

Entry Requirements

  • Qualifications at Level 3 and/or;
  • Some technical and risk management experience in a computing or security business environment and demonstrate ambition with clear career goals;
  • A Level 4 qualification in another discipline and who want to develop their careers in cyber security.
  • Level 4 units must be completed before level 5 units.

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