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Work-Work Balance: How to juggle a job with postgraduate study

The Guardian recently ran  the report on the problems faced by post graduate students and how to manage their study whilst in employment.

In response, Qualifi qualifications provide students with flexibility through the use of a blended learning delivery model; a model that enables you to work while you learn. Our approach helps students to avoid some of the problems associated with a more traditional mode of delivery; problems the author of this article refers to:

Be honest with your boss. There are only a certain numbers of hours in the day. Be open with your employer about the amount of work you can take on – make your availability and other commitments clear. Employers will often expect part-time workers to be flexible and work more hours during busy periods, sometimes at short notice. Explain that you’re willing to do this, but highlight when your lectures and seminars are, as well as coursework deadlines and exams. It’s not just the extra hours – account for how tiredness will impact on your ability to study”.

Blended learning provides additional flexibilities that will help you to juggle your commitments.

Your uni work comes first. Some courses will offer more free time than others, but you still need to set aside time for study – the distant deadlines but higher workloads of postgraduate study can easily catch you out. Neglecting university work is a waste of the money you’re earning to spend on it”.

You might want to consider the Qualifi L7 and Masters Top Up opportunities as an alternative to a ‘full-time’ programme of study.

Have a back-up plan. It’s risky to self-fund only through work. A master’s or PhD is much more intensive than an undergraduate degree, so think about how you can cope financially if for any reason you need to pull back from work…”

Qualifi L7 with Top Up to Masters is a cost effective means of gaining postgraduate qualifications at a much reduced cost through our accredited centres and University partners.

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