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Will a master’s give you the edge in your career?

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A growing number of students believe a bachelor’s degree is no longer enough to attract the attention of employers when job hunting and are entering postgraduate education to boost their employment prospects. Data from the Higher Education Funding Council shows the number of people taking full-time, taught postgrad programmes surged by more than 16,000 to 90,600 in 2016/17 – a 22% increase, with the figures expected to be even higher this year. Three-quarters of the students are under 25 – suggesting that many went straight from a first degree into a second.

Postgraduate funding – in numbers

27% – Employers recruiting master’s grads for positions that used to only require an undergrad degree

11% – People aged 26 to 60 in the UK with a postgrad qualification, up from to 4% in 1996

£31k – Median wage for a postgrad, rising to £40k for mathematical sciences, £41k for medicine and £42k for business

32% – Rise in the number of people obtaining postgrad degrees in the past 10 years

59k – Business postgrads in 2016 – the most popular subject – followed by education (40,000), social studies (24,000) and medicine (20,000)

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