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UK: Labour to force vote on plan to increase University tuition fees

Jeremy Corbyn’s party manages to secure vote on proposal to increase cap on annual fees to £9,250

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Labour is to force a parliamentary vote to scrap the government’s latest rise in university tuition fees on Wednesday in what it believes is a binding motion.

Under the government’s plan, the annual tuition fee cap of £9,000 is to rise by £250 a year, increasing the debt of a student on a four-year course by £1,000 overall.

Labour has managed to secure the vote in time allocated for the opposition by using arcane parliamentary procedure, as the party attempts to make life difficult for Theresa May in the House of Commons following the loss of her majority.

No 10 had attempted to get the rise in student fees through parliament earlier in the year using secondary legislation but Labour demanded a vote and more thorough parliamentary scrutiny.

“This latest tuition fee rise could cost students up to £1,000 more over a university course, yet they (Conservative Party) are refusing to keep their promise to graduates that the repayment level would go up with inflation.