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Meet some of the UK’s oldest university students

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Maureen Matthews is starting a three-year law degree at the tender age of 79. She’s not even the oldest student on her new course at the University of West London in Brentford. Sitting next to her in lectures is 84-year-old Craigan Surujballi.

When about half of young people now go into higher education, it’s easy to forget how many universities were once out of reach for the vast majority of people.

Even though the number of older students has increased, it’s still only a relatively tiny number grabbing this second chance to learn.

The most recent figures from the Higher Education Statistics Agency show there were 25 students starting full-time undergraduate degrees after the age of 70, out of a cohort of almost half a million.

However, the fees system is in many ways more generous to older students. There is no upper age limit on loans to cover tuition fees – and with repayments based on earnings, it’s unlikely that many pensioners will ever pay back what they have borrowed.

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