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Justine Greening blocked bid to reduce tuition fees, claims ex-May aide

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Theresa May’s former chief of staff has accused the former education ministers Justine Greening and Jo Johnson of blocking attempts to reduce university tuition fees and reform higher education.

Nick Timothy wrote: “Young people must be given better choices at 18. Right now, the incentives tell them to go to university. Many emerge with good degrees, but others come out with a costly qualification that makes little difference. On average, they will graduate with debts of £50,000, the highest in the world. Those who do not go to university – still more than half of young people – are neglected by a system guilty of institutionalised snobbery.”

Ray Brogden, Chief Operating Officer of Qualifi Awarding Organisation points out that there are already alternative higher education qualifications from Level 4 to Level 8 with final year Top Up routes to UK and US University Honours and Masters degrees. The accelerated pathways are available via Qualifi approved centres at a fraction of the fees associated with the traditional pathways provided by the majority of Universities. Further information is available on the Qualifi website