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Intelligent machines will replace teachers within 10 years, leading public school headteacher predicts

Human tutors will be sidelined in near future as AI takes a central role in education, suggests Sir Anthony Sheldon of Wellington College.

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Within 10 years a technological revolution will sweep aside old notions of education and change the world forever, Sir Anthony Sheldon, master of Wellington College believes.

the essential job of instilling knowledge into young minds will wholly be done by artificially intelligent (AI) computers.

Sir Anthony said: “It certainly will change human life as we know it.”

“Everyone can have the very best teacher and it’s completely personalised; the software you’re working with will be with you throughout your education journey.”

“It can move at the speed of the learner.”

“This is beyond anything that we’ve seen in the industrial revolution or since with any other new technology.”

“These are adaptive machines that adapt to individuals. They will listen to the voices of the learners, read their faces and study them in the way gifted teachers study their students.”

“We’re looking at screens which are listening to the voice of the student and reading the face of the student. Reading and comprehending.”

“In the AI classrooms, each child will progress at his or her own pace.”

“There would be no more set courses applicable to all students as teaching, carried out by emotionally sensitive machines, would be highly personalised.”

“The machines will know what it is that most excites you and gives you a natural level of challenge that is not too hard or too easy, but just right for you.”

“The technology’s already beginning to arrive,” he said. “It’s already there on the west coast of the US and it’s already beginning to transform schools.”