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Qualification Overview

Writing, while not always easy, is not magic. It’s simply a skill–a valuable skill–that improves with consistent effort. Because we devote large amounts of time communicating in writing (e.g. emails, blogs, reports, business plans, marketing plans, evaluations, studies, research, assignments), learning to become a strong writer will increase your confidence and also make you an asset with employers.

Course Content

This writing skills module has been provided to assist learners entering study or transitioning into University and contains two primary sections. An understanding of these two sections will improve your writing skills:
  • ways to develop a productive, confident mindset about writing, and
  • a guide to understanding essays and research papers.
This module is self-paced and delivered in an asynchronous format. It is not monitored by an instructor and contains no assessment. Learners are encouraged to seek clarification and guidance from tutors at their learning centre and via links provided within the module.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this module, students will be able to:

  • recognise that language is a tool to be used in different ways
  • practice the building blocks of good writing, including point of view
  • engage in writing as a process
  • identify and use the three points of view and the pronouns that signify each
  • incorporate critical thinking into writing
  • define and understand the different types of academic writing
  •  plan, research, draft, revise, and successfully complete an essay and research paper 
  • avoid plagiarism, use citations, and review various citation styles
  • utilise additional resources, references and recommended reading as needed

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