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TELLAL Institute Accredited by QUALIFI

Qualifi has independently assessed and internationally accredited the TELLAL Institute and their Diplomas in Global Teaching Practice. As a UK awarding organisation regulated by the government body Ofqual, Qualifi can accredit quality institutions, programmes and award certifications that demonstrate attainment, skills, knowledge and understanding.

Through Qualifi’s accreditation, graduates of the Diplomas in Global Teaching Practice will earn a Level 6 Teaching qualification that will open pathways to employment and articulation to a higher level university programme. The Qualifi Level 6 Diploma in Global Teaching Practice (TELLAL Institute) is 90 credits. The Qualifi Level 6 Extended Diploma in Global Teaching Practice (TELLAL Institute) is 120 credits.

The Diploma is registered on the Regulated Qualification Framework (RQF) and recognised across the European Qualification Framework demonstrating a genuine qualification that is both transferable and credible.


About TELLAL Institute 

The acronym for TELLAL is Teacher Learning and Leadership for All. TELLAL is a training institute, situated in the emirate of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. TELLAL Institute provides a range of training programmes, experiences and partnerships to promote educational excellence.

A distinct feature of the TELLAL provision is the centrality of partner schools, which provides the unique global and digital context in which professional knowledge is developed. Professional learning and development in this context take place through joint practice development and coaching and mentoring. The proposed “network model” brings together theory and practice in a more integrated manner, seeing the partnership between all key stakeholders as truly reciprocal.

There are currently five key pillars that comprise TELLAL Institute:

  • Qualifying Teacher Training (QTT)
  • Professional Learning and Development (PLD)
  • School Leadership and Management (SLM)
  • Assessment Development Centre (ADC)
  • Research and Knowledge Exchange (RKE)

The primary aim of the Qualifi Diploma in Global Teaching Practice (TELLAL Institute) is to support Student Teachers in the wider process of becoming high quality, reflective, analytical and digitally competent teachers working in international contexts.


Graduates of TELLAL Institute and the Diploma in Global Teaching Practice are also eligible to apply for the Diploma as part of our process to accredit prior learning.

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Your pathway to a graduate degree

Our university progression agreements mean you could apply your Tellal Institute Level 6 Diplomas towards a degree.