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Kharkiv University

Your Qualifi Award equals college credit toward your degree and Masters at Kharkiv University (Europe).

Qualifi awards allow for progression into Kharkiv University at a number of points depending on your academic and employment history. Qualifi provides access and faster track access to achieve a number of degrees and Masters at Kharkiv University.

Qualifi to Kharkiv University Pathways

Your Path: Admission into Qualifi Level 4 or a Kharkiv University bachelor’s degree program at the first year.


Your Path: Advanced placement into the Qualifi Level 5 or second year of a Kharkiv University  bachelor’s degree program.


Your Path: Advanced placement into the final year of a Kharkiv University’s  bachelor’s degree program.


Your Path: Successful completion of QUALIFI Level 7 gives you eligibility for admission into Kharkiv University’s master’s degree programs. Master’s degree candidates will be interviewed by program faculty upon application to the program.

The path is an indication of your progress toward a Kharkiv University degree and masters degree and is based on Kharkiv’s review of QUALIFI learning programmes and outcomes. Your path may vary. It’s best to consult with a Qualifi advisor to plan your degree path, based on your chosen course of study.

About Kharkiv University (Europe)

Founded in 1804, V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University is one of the oldest universities in Eastern Europe and is a leading Research and Educational Institution in Ukraine. The Univesrity has notably trained and employed three Nobel Prize laureates.

Today the University has 20 Schools and 125 Departments which provide training for specialists in 61 majors and enrols 15 000 students and 500 postgraduate students.

The University boasts its wide international recognition as one of the initiators of signing the Magna Charta Universitatum (Bologna, 1998), a co-founder of the Eurasian Universities Association, an active participant of International Association of Universities and European University Association, a training center for about 1500 international students, postgraduate and doctorate students for 50 countries of the world, and a partner in research and educational cooperation with more than 100 universities and other organizations all over the world.

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