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Anglia Ruskin University

Your Qualifi Award equals credit toward your degree and Masters at Anglia Ruskin University.

Qualifi awards allow for progression into Anglia Ruskin University at a number of points depending on your academic and employment history. Qualifi provides access and faster track access to achieve a number of degrees and Masters at Anglia Ruskin University through their partner LSM.

Qualifi to Anglia Ruskin University Pathways

Your Path: Admission into Qualifi Level 4 or a Anglia Ruskin University bachelor’s degree program at the first year.


Your Path: Advanced placement into the Qualifi Level 5 or second year of a Anglia Ruskin University bachelor’s degree program


Your Path: Advanced placement into the final year of a Anglia Ruskin University bachelor’s degree program.


Your Path: Successful completion of QUALIFI Level 7 gives you eligibility for admission into a Anglia Ruskin University master’s degree program. You will be required only to complete a dissertation to receive the master’s degree.

The path is an indication of your progress toward a Anglia Ruskin University degree and masters degree and is based on Anglia Ruskin University’s review of QUALIFI learning programmes and outcomes. Your path may vary. It’s best to consult with a Qualifi advisor to plan your degree path, based on your chosen course of study.

About Anglia Ruskin University

ARU is an innovative global university. 39,400 students from 177 countries gain qualifications with them in four continents. Each year, they also help some 2,000 businesses to grow quicker and partner with organisations to deliver a spectrum of educational and commercial projects.

They started in 1858, when the art critic, patron and philanthropist John Ruskin opened Cambridge School of Art. The art school grew to become Anglia Ruskin University, and it’s still at the heart of a modern-day campus in Cambridge.

In 2015 ARU were pleased to introduce a new campus in the heart of London, where students study subjects including business, law and finance at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

ARU were named the UK Entrepreneurial University of the Year at the Times Higher Education (THE) Awards 2014 and now have six high-profile research institutes.

As well as four four main campuses in the UK, ARU also have a growing number of international partner institutions.

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